We are an education company that believes in the importance of community and connection developed by a variety of professionals from various avenues.

Our belief in the importance of community and connection stems from the idea of Social Capital


This stands as a frame work for the projects that we get involved with; it helps us engage with projects to build social relations.


Social capital also allows us to help individuals and communities to develop and grow.


Every project we engage with consists of at least one of the following varieties of Social Capital.


Bonds: Culture or ethnicity


Bridges: Link distant colleagues and friends


Linkages: that connect people of various social groups together.
These act as valuable guides alongside our value of Equality, Trust and Fairness.


Social Capital
This is important to us because most of us came from working class families  and stumbled into our professions through luck and hard work.


We truly believe everybody can succeed despite their personal backgrounds; this is why we are called 'Myrrh Tree'.


Our name stems from a plant that grows and flourishes despite harsh conditions and transforms into something valuable.


Myrrh: A precious resin


This personifies our goal to help and ensure everybody thrives.


We offer a variety of educational courses from Level 3+ to suit everybody's needs, as well as mentoring and career guidance to find the right course for you to ensure anybody can succeed in having a successful career!

We all want to desperately give back to our communities and have pledged that the next generation of young people have the resources, the confidence and the awareness to know what it takes to be successful in today's era. 

We are here to help you.

We'll offer you:


+ The tools to succeed


+ Info on where to access opportunities for growth and development


+ Guidance on how to capitalise on skills and attributes


+ Resources regarding social and cultural capital development (and how those capital forms translate to financial capital in the marketplace)


+ Advice on how to think outside the box when visualising opportunities


+ How to develop self-esteem  needed to drive yourself forward


+ The importance of a resilient and independent spirit



We also plan to offer scholarships for outstanding students who meet our means-tested criteria.